Joining a translation project

There are two ways to join a translation project on Redokun: via email invitation, or via platform invitation.

Email invitation

When you assign a translator to translate a document on Redokun, they will receive a notification email that invites them to work the document (see example below).

Once they accept the invitation, Redokun will also notify the document owner via email that the translator has started working on the document translation.

Invitation email example

Platform invitation

Once a translator has registered an account on Redokun, they can accept translation jobs directly from their account's Document List.

When they are invited to translate a document, Redokun displays a message box at the top of their Document List, which they may accept or dismiss.

Platform invitation

Translate a document

The translator can translate a document by using the Web Editor, or by exporting all the text in an exchange file.

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