Tags and Markers

In this guide: What is a tag? What is a marker? Learn how to use them to retain styles and special characters in your document.

Redokun uses tags and markers to retain document formatting and special characters.


Tags are used to indicate and preserve the formatting of paragraphs with style changes in them, such as bold, italic, or underlined text.

⚠️ If the source text contains tags, the translator should input the same tags in the translation of all affected segments.

Redokun automatically checks for the presence of tags while translating online or importing the translated sentences.

Tags and Markers example


Markers are used to ease the usage of special characters.

Unlike tags, the presence of markers in the translated segment is not enforced by Redokun.

Generally, you would not need to input additional markers, but only keep the ones present in the original phrase.

In many cases, you might also want to convert soft-returns or special spaces to classic spaces in order to make the extracted text "cleaner" from markers. That way, you would be able to reuse more of your approved translations in future documents.

Convert soft returns to classic spaces

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings.
  3. Flag the option Convert Soft-returns.

Convert special spaces to classic spaces

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings.
  3. Flag the option Convert special spaces.

List of InDesign control markers

pageNumber Page number
rightIndentTab Right indent tab
endNestedStyle End nested style
footNote Foot note
indentHereTab Indent here tab
section Section marker

List of special chars markers

noBreakSpace No-break Space
oghamSpace Ogham Space Mark
mongolianVowelSeparator Mongolian Vowel Separator
enQuad En Quad
emQuad Em Quad
enSpace En Space
emSpace Em Space
threePerEmSpace Three-Per-Em Space
fourPerEmSpace Four-Per-Em Space
sixPerEmSpace Six-Per-Em Space
figureSpace Figure Space
punctuationSpace Punctuation Space
thinSpace Thin Space
hairSpace Hair Space
zeroWidthSpace Hair Space
horizontalEllipsis Horizontal Ellipsis
softReturn Soft return
paragraphSeparator Paragraph separator
narrowNoBreakSpace Narrow no-break Space
mediumMathematicalSpace Medium Mathematical Space
ideographicSpace Ideographic Space
zeroWidthNoBreakSpace Zero Width No-Break Space
superscript:latinSmallLetterI Superscript latin small letter I
superscript:plusSign Superscript plus sign
superscript:minusSign Superscript minus sign
superscript:equalsSign Superscript equals sign
superscript:leftParenthesis Superscript left parenthesis
superscript:rightParenthesis Superscript right parenthesis
superscript:latinSmallLetterN Superscript latin small letter N
superscript:NUMBER Superscript number (0-9)
subscript:plusSign Subscript plus sign
subscript:minusSign Subscript minus sign
subscript:equalsSign Subscript equal sign
subscript:leftParenthesis Subscript left parenthesis
subscript:rightParenthesis Subscript right parenthesis
subscript:latinSmallLetterA Subscript latin small letter A
subscript:latinSmallLetterE Subscript latin small letter E
subscript:latinSmallLetterO Subscript latin small letter O
subscript:latinSmallLetterX Subscript latin small letter X
subscript:latinSmallLetterSchwa Subscript latin small letter Schwa
subscript:latinSmallLetterH Subscript latin small letter H
subscript:latinSmallLetterK Subscript latin small letter K
subscript:latinSmallLetterL Subscript latin small letter L
subscript:latinSmallLetterM Subscript latin small letter M
subscript:latinSmallLetterN Subscript latin small letter N
subscript:latinSmallLetterP Subscript latin small letter P
subscript:latinSmallLetterS Subscript latin small letter S
subscript:latinSmallLetterT Subscript latin small letter T
subscript:NUMBER Subscript number (0-9)
bullet Bullet
unicode:CODE Unicode Private Use Areas (used by third party glyphs - Font Awesome, Glyphicons, etc - and other third party control characters)
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