Common questions and support documentation

New to Redokun

Product overview and best practices to help you start your first translation project.

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Meet your Document List

Navigate the Document List, and manage your documents, folders, and languages.

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Translation Memory (TM)

Learn all about TM from importing to exporting to using them in translation.

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Machine Translations

Discover how to use MT, the vendors we offer, and their terms of service.

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Use Glossary for consistency, time-saving & better translations in your projects.

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Get to know the Web Editor and the different translation workflows we support.

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Sharing & Collaboration

Master Redokun’s collaboration features to help your team stay connected.

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Account settings & Privacy

Find our security practices, privacy policies, and terms of service here.

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Plans, Billing & Payments

Handle your subscription, billing, and payment information.

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InDesign Resources

A collection of InDesign resources by the Redokun team (guides, scripts, tutorials).

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Find the answers to the most frequently asked question here.

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Video Tutorials

A collection of video guides where you can see Redokun in action.

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