Collaborating with your team (Comments, Mentions & Notifications)

There are several ways to communicate live and asynchronously with your teammates within Redokun. Our collaboration tools help you cut down on in-person meetings, avoid emails, equip remote teammates with info around the clock, focus on the issue with context, and meet deadlines.

  • Brief, notes and instructions (1): Who translates the content? Who reviews it? What are the steps to complete the project? Use this section to give general indications to the team.
  • Translation block comments (2): Not sure about a translation? Do you need to discuss terminology? You can leave a comment next to the translation and ask for help.
  • Mentions: When you want to get another person to look at something, you can mention them anywhere inside the comments.


Brief, notes and instructions

You can leverage the notes panel to discuss a project with your colleagues and other stakeholders involved.

You can mention other people who have access to the translation by typing @, followed by their name.

Translation block comments

Offer your opinion or ask a question by commenting on specific translations.

  • Click on the message icon next to a translation box and leave your message.
  • Mention colleagues (using @) to get their attention and bring them into the conversation.

Mention a person

When you want to get another person to look at something, you can mention them.

  • Type @  followed by the person's name. Press enter  to choose the one you want.
  • The person you mentioned will receive a notification.

Mention notifications

When someone mentions you, you'll see a red badge appear on the top bar.

  • Click on the badge and view Inbox  to see all the times you've been mentioned organized chronologically. A red dot will indicate which notifications are new.
  • You may also see desktop push notifications depending on your browser.
  • Click on Go to document  for any of these mention updates to jump directly to the translation or comment you've been mentioned in on the document.
  • Click on Show detail to access more information and reply directly to the comment you've mentioned in.
  • You can also archive a comment or all once you've read them.


Someone @-mentioned me, but I didn't receive an email notification.

If you have Redokun open, you won't receive push or email notifications for reminders, you'll only get a red badge notification. If Redokun is not open at the time of the notification, then you'll receive an email.

If you are still not receiving any notification. Go to  Settings  > Notifications  and check your settings.

Can I @-mention everybody?

You can mention all your team managers and the translators invited to the translation job.

Does Redokun have recurring reminders?

Not at the moment, but let us know if this is something important for your team.

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