Translate on a different CAT tool (with XLIFF)

In this guide: Follow these steps to translate a document using an exchange file.

You've been invited to translate a document on Redokun and you would like to work on your usual translation software.

Here's a super easy solution in 3 steps!

  1. Download an exchange file from Redokun.
  2. Translate the file using your preferred CAT tool.
  3. Import the translations back using the XLIFF file format.

🗣️ XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) is an XML-based bitext format used to standardize the way localizable data are passed between tools during a localization process. It is a common format for exchange between CAT tools.

Pre-translate (optional step)

Before exporting an exchange file, you may run the Pre-translate feature first, which allows you to:

  • automatically use past translations for repetitive or similar text found in your document
  • fill the gaps with machine translation

Both features are designed to help you boost your productivity and avoid having to translate from scratch.

A) Translate the text using an exchange file

  1. Go to the Document Detail page.
  2. Export the text in an exchange file by clicking on the down arrow.
  3. Select XLIFF as the file format and export the exchange file.
  4. Import the XLIFF file to your preferred CAT tool.

B) Import the translations from the exchange file

  1. Once you've completed the translation of the exchange file, export an XLIFF file from your CAT tool.
  2. Go to the Document Detail page in Redokun.
  3. Click on the up arrow to import the exchange file to Redokun.
  4. After the import, you'll be presented with a guided upload wizard.
  5. Once you've completed the import, Redokun will open the Web Editor. If everything is alright, click on Confirm Translation to inform the document owner that the translation is complete.

⚠️ Once the translation is confirmed, the document will be locked and the translator will no longer be able to edit the translation. If further edits are needed, the translator has to click on Ask to unlock translation to request action from the document owner. Only the document owner can unlock the translation.

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