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In this guide: Curios about what Redokun is? Let's get you started here and in the articles to come.

Redokun is a translation software that's built to be easy to use and integrate.

In this guide, we will explore the main functionalities and how they can help you and your team.

How to translate a document

With Redokun, you can translate your documents in 2 ways:

The translated file downloaded from Redokun will have the same format, the same layout, and the same look as your original file.

⚠️ Redokun uses tags and markers to indicate style changes or special characters and preserve them in the translation. If the source text contains tags, the translator should input the same tags in the translation of all affected segments.

Computer-assisted translation (Translation Memory)

Redokun automatically saves each confirmed translation you add to a document in a database called Translation Memory.

When you translate a new document, Redokun detects matching or similar segments and pulls up your translation memories as suggestions. The translator can click on these suggested translations to use them as they are or modify them.

Machine Translation

Redokun helps speed up the translation of your documents by using Machine Translation. Your translators may generate instant translations that serve as a foundation they can build on.

There are two ways to use Machine Translations on Redokun:

  1. You can use them in the Web Editor by clicking to generate suggestions for specific text segments (Machin Translation suggestions).
  2. You can use them to pre-translate an entire document quickly and have your translator post-edit the translations (Pre-Translate with Machine Translation).


When you upload a new document, you can automatically fill up the translations for all segments in two steps:

  1. First, pre-translate the entire document with your previously approved translations.
  2. Next, use Machine Translation to fill the gaps.

Your team can then proofread the pre-translated document and quickly improve any imperfect translations.

Easy Revision Process for Documents

You can revise your documents easily whenever there are mistakes, product updates, graphic reviews, or other kinds of document changes.

Even if the translation is complete or ongoing, you can quickly apply the changes to all translated versions of your documents. Simply use the Revision feature to upload your updated file.

Redokun automatically applies style, graphics, or content changes to all target languages. Any completed translations for unchanged segments are imported for each language so no progress is lost. Then, each translator is notified of any newly added text so they can translate them as well.

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