Intro to the Document List

In this guide: What is the Document List? What information can you see?


In your Document List, you can see:

  • all the documents that were shared with you
  • invitations to join a team
  • your translation jobs

Document Access Permissions

From here, you can also upload your documents and sort them into folders.

  • Users who have a Manager account, and are part of a team, will have access to all the documents and folders created by all their team members.
  • Users who are invited to the platform as a Translator will only have access to the documents they are assigned to.

Expand all / Collapse all

By clicking on Expand all, you can have a more complete overview of all the documents in the folder you are viewing.

Translation progress bar colors

The progress bar uses different colors to indicate the status of each translation:

  • Blue: Default color. The translation is complete or in progress.
  • Orange: The translation has not accepted the invitation to work on the document yet.
  • Green: The translation is ready to be generated and downloaded.
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