What file formats does Redokun support?

Redokun supports the following file formats:

  • Adobe InDesign (*.idml)
  • Microsoft Word (*.docx) 1
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (*.pptx) 1, 2
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) 1
  • HTML 5 (*.html)
  • Subtitles (*.srt)
  • Plain text (UTF-8 *.txt)
  • XLIFF 1.2 (*.xliff, *.xlf)
  • JSON (*.json)
  • PDF (*.pdf) - visit this user guide

1 Files saved with Microsoft Office 2019 (Windows), Microsoft Office 2016 (Mac), or greater.

2 Text on master slides is not extracted.

⚠️ Get in touch with us if you don't see the file format you need to translate. This list is non-exhaustive as we are constantly working on adding support for new file types.

Read also: Upload limitations.

Additional notes


Redokun also imports slide notes but it does not import hidden slides.


Redokun imports all content inside the spreads from all layers. If your file contains more layers in more languages, read this guide.

If you want to set up the perfect translation workflow when working with Adobe InDesign files, check out our ebook: Make InDesign file translation simple and fast.

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