Upload, move, and delete documents

In this guide: Learn how to upload and move your documents into folders. Also, what happens to your translations if you delete a document?

What should you do before uploading your first document?

Before uploading any documents to Redokun, you might want to:

Upload your documents

You can import one or more documents at the same time.

  1. Go to the Document List or the folder in which you want to store your document.
  2. Click on Upload Document.
  3. Click on Choose Files. See here for our supported file formats.

    ⚠️ If you need to translate an InDesign file, you will need to convert it into an IDML document. Visit this page to find out how.

  4. Select the file you want to upload, then click on Upload.
  5. Choose the source language of the file, then click on Upload.
  6. At this point, Redokun will extract the text from your document and prepare it for translation.
  7. Once your document is uploaded, choose the target language/languages for the translation project. Then, click on Select.
  • What to do if you don't see the target language you are looking for?
    • Check the Settings to make sure you have selected and activated the target language.
    • If you don't see the target language in the Settings, try to activate the country-specific languages by going to the Advance settings and flagging Enable country-specific languages.
    • If you still cannot find the target language, write us at support@redokun.com.
  • What to do if you are not asked to select the target language/languages?
    If you are not asked to add the target languages, go to the Document Detail page, and click on Add language.
  1. After adding the target languages, you can decide how you want to translate the text (online workflow or offline workflow).

Move documents into a folder

If you need to move a single document:

  1. Click on the document's Settings icon.
  2. Change the Parent folder.

If you need to move more documents:

  1. Tick the checkbox of each document.
  2. Under the "Batch actions" bar, click on Move.
  3. Change the Parent folder.

Delete a document

If you need to delete a document, you can click on the document's Delete icon.

Redokun automatically notifies the assigned translators that the document has been deleted.

⚠️ Important! When you delete a document, the translation memories linked to it will be deleted too. Deleted data is non-recoverable.

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