How are words deducted from my word-count balance?

In this guide: When are words deducted from your balance? How many words will be deducted? Learn how your word-count balance works on Redokun.

Your starting word-count balance is based on the subscription plan you're on.

How are word deductions calculated?

Word deductions are calculated based on the number of words in your source document, not the number of words in the translations for said document.

For example, if your original text contains 100 words, 100 words will be deducted for each target language you translate and export from Redokun. Hence, a 100-word document translated into three languages on Redokun would count as 300 words in total.

Other things to note:

  • When you upload a document as a revision, it will be considered as a new document and accounted for in the same way.
  • Chinese, Korean, and Japanese texts are handled differently in that one character equals to one word.

When do words get deducted from my word-count balance?

Your balance is deducted when you export a translated document for the first time in a specific target language.

Let's say you have translated a 100-word document on Redokun. The first time you generate and export its translation in one language, Redokun will deduct 100 words from your balance.

From that point, even if you generate different drafts of the same document in the same target language throughout the translation process, no additional words will be deducted from your balance.

⚠️ However, if you upload a revision of the document, it will be counted as a new document.

In short, your word-count balance is NOT affected by how many times you generate a translated copy of the same document in one target language.

How does my word-count balance work with an annual subscription?

When you subscribe to an annual plan, you can immediately access and translate the amount of words provided for all 12 months if needed.

For example, you may have an annual plan that allows you to translate up to 50.000 words per month, which is 600.000 words per year. As soon as your plan is activated, you will have upfront access to all 600.000 words for the whole year.

In short, no monthly limitations will be imposed on accounts with an annual subscription.

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