The InDesign Extension

What does the extension do?

The Redokun extension for InDesign provides two main functionalities:

  • It adds metadata for every text frame in your InDesign document. This metadata will be used by Redokun to calculate the correct order of the text and the exact location when using threaded text frames. Notice that even without the extension, the generated document will retain the original order of all sentences.
  • It automatically sets up InDesign so that every time you save the file, the document previews will be generated or updated. Redokun uses these previews in the Web Editor to help the translator understand where their translations will appear.

Where to find the extension?

You can install it from here:

Install the InDesign extension

How to install the extension?

  1. Make sure you have the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application installed. Otherwise, the extension will not be activated in InDesign. You can download the Adobe Create Cloud Desktop application from here: Download.
  2. Visit this link and click on Install .
  3. After the installation, you should see a new Redokun menu at the top bar of your InDesign workspace.

🗣️ After installing the extension, you won't need to do anything else as it will automatically activate every time you save an IDML file.

If you are having trouble installing the extension

If you were unable to install the extension using the Creative Cloud desktop app, go through the following steps:

  1. Make sure that "File sync" is enabled in the Adobe Creative Cloud application
  2. Follow the instructions on the official Adobe troubleshooting page
  3. Or you can install the extension manually following the instructions below

How does the extension work?

By default, the extension activates when you save an IDML file.

To change this behavior:

  1. Click on Redokun at the top bar, and then choose Settings .
  2. In the pop-up, you can choose between 3 options:
    • Automatically: Index an IDML file every time it is saved (Default - Recommended).
    • Automatically (Silent mode): Index an IDML file every time it is saved but don't show any dialog or progress bar. This option prevents conflict with other InDesign plugins (e.g. for batch exporting)
    • Ask each time: Every time that a file is saved in the IDML file format, you will be asked if you want to index the file before saving it. This option comes in handy if you are exporting IDML files for other applications and you don't plan to upload the file on Redokun.


🗣️ Documents that are imported with the extension activated will show this label when you hover your cursor over Revision .

If you're currently using our old “Redokun Power Tools” script, we suggest deleting it and installing the new extension because it provides the same features and receives automatic updates through Adobe Exchange.

Issues with installation? Install it manually

You can also install the extension manually but keep in mind that it will not receive automatic updates if installed this way:

  1. Download the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager from this link ( and install it.
  2. Download the Redokun extension from this link: Download.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file.
  4. Open the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager.
  5. Drag and Drop the Redokun - Translation tool.zxp inside Anastasiy’s Extension Manager.
  6. Follow the installation steps.

💡 Adobe Exchange: It's the official Adobe extension directory. Every Adobe CC user has free access to it. It currently contains more than 3,000 plugins.

Removing the extension

You can remove the extension from the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application:

  1. Open Adobe Creative Cloud, and click on Marketplace .
  2. Click on Manage plugins  on the left menu.
  3. Click on the 3 dots button on Redokun's extension.
  4. Choose Uninstall .
  5. You may have to restart InDesign for the change to take place.

Remove the extension

⚠️ If you installed the extension manually, then use Anastasiy’s Extension Manager to uninstall it.

What to do if the Extension was not removed correctly?

In rare cases, it might happen that InDesign cannot remove the extension entirely. If this happens, please follow these steps:

⚠️ If you face any additional problem with uninstalling the extension get in touch with us at

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