Why can't I see the page previews?

Redokun displays page previews for the following types of document:

  • IDML
  • PPTX

Why do I not see page previews for my PPTX file?

Depending on the size of your document, page previews might take a while to load. During this process, Redokun displays the message "Generating Page preview". If you see it:

  1. Wait a few minutes.
  2. Refresh the page to see the previews.

🗣️ Slide notes are loaded at the top of the Web Editor without page preview.

Why do I not see page previews for my IDML file?

There could be different reasons as to why you don’t see the page previews of an IDML file:

  • Some text segments do not come with previews because they are not linked to a page. These include parent pages (formerly, master pages), variables, entries in table of content, and so on.
  • The text is contained in a threaded text frame. Due to the way the IDML file format stores text position information, Redokun is unable to understand which page the text in the threaded text frame is placed. If your document contains threaded text frames you should:
    • Install Redokun's InDesign extension.
    • Save the INDD file under a new name.
    • Upload the new IDML file to Redokun.
  • The InDesign extension was not installed when the IDML document was generated. Page previews are generated directly in InDesign. Read this user guide to learn more. The fastest solution to fix this problem is to install Redokun's InDesign extension, save the INDD file under a new name, and upload the new IDML file.
  • Have you already installed Redokun's InDesign extension but still cannot see the page previews?
    • Try to restart InDesign, then save the INDD file under a new name.
    • Export the IDML document from this newly saved INDD file.
    • Finally, upload the new IDML file to Redokun. This will force InDesign to generate new page previews.
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