Upgrade or Downgrade your plan

Plan options

Each plan comes with a distinct set of features. You can see a comprehensive comparison of all of our plans at redokun.com/pricing.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can change your plan by visiting the Billing page of your account.

  1. Log in with the account you used to purchase your Redokun subscription.
  2. Go to Settings > Plans
  3. In the Plan row, click on Upgrade or Downgrade
  4. Follow the upgrade/downgrade instructions provided by the platform.

How does Redokun charge upgrades? (Proration)

Redokun uses a smart system of billing called proration, which charges customers accurately for the portion of the services they’ve used.

💡 Proration: "Adjusting a customer's bill amount to reflect any plan changes made in the middle of a billing cycle."

When a subscription is upgraded, calculate the amount for the remaining period of the new plan and add that as a line item to the invoice generated during the plan change.


Current Plan: $100 / month

New plan: $150 / month

Proration logic:

  • $100 was paid at the beginning of the billing cycle.
  • Assume changes are made exactly in the middle of the billing cycle.
  • Prorated “consumed” charge is $50.
  • Prorated credit remaining is $50.
  • Additional charge on a new plan for the remaining period: $75
  • Final cost of upgrade: $25 ($75 - $50)

To learn more about upgrade proration, please visit this page by one of our partner companies.

How does Redokun charge downgrades?

Downgrades can be requested at any point but are processed at the end of the current billing cycle (at the next renewal date).

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