Removing a manager from the team

Remove a manager

  1. Go to Settings > Managers.
  2. Find the name or email of the manager you want to remove from your team.
  3. Click on the Revoke membership icon.
  4. After clicking on the Revoke membership icon, you will be asked if you want to reassign all documents (and linked TM) owned by the manager to another manager

What happens when you remove a manager from the team?

When you add a manager to the team, all assets (such as documents and Translation Memory) are shared among the team members. Read more here.

Therefore, if you remove a manager from the team, this connection will be instantly removed, which means that:

  • The newly removed manager will no longer have access to the documents and Translation Memories added by other team members.
  • All team members will no longer have access to the documents added by the newly removed manager. They will also lose access to the Translation Memories linked to these documents.

⚠️ When removing a manager, you can reassign their documents and associated TMs to someone else in the team.

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