Removing a manager from the team

Remove a manager

  1. Go to Settings > Managers.
  2. Find the name or email of the manager you want to remove from your team
  3. Click on the Revoke membership icon.

What happens when you remove a manager from the team?

When you add a manager to the team, all assets (such as documents and Translation Memory) are shared among the team members. Read more here.

Therefore, if you remove a manager from the team, this connection will be instantly removed, which means that:

  • The newly removed manager will no longer have access to the documents and Translation Memories added by other team members.
  • All team members will no longer have access to the documents added by the newly removed manager. They will also lose access to the Translation Memories linked to these documents.

⚠️ When removing a manager, you can reassign their documents and associated TMs to someone else in the team.

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