Batch convert INDD files into IDML format

Follow these instructions to install a script that lets you batch convert your Adobe InDesign files to the IDML file format.

  1. Close all open documents in InDesign.
  2. Go to Window > Utilities > Scripts.
  3. Right click on User and choose Reveal in Finder (MacOS) or Reveal in Explorer (Windows). If you experience any issues, try to open the Application folder instead.
  4. Unzip the '' file.

    Download the script

  5. Copy the file batch_convert.jsxbin into the Scripts Panel folder. Copy the file in the 'Scripts Panel' folder
  1. Back in InDesign, under the Scripts panel, you should now find batch_convert.jsxbin.
  2. Click on batch_convert.jsxbin.
  3. Click on 'batch_convert.jsxbin'
  1. In the pop-up, set IDML as the target format and choose an input and an output folder.
  2. Click OK, and wait for the script to complete the batch conversion.

⚠️ The script was made by Peter Kahrel, who generously shared this along other useful scripts on this website. If you face any issues with this script, please reach out to Peter as we are sadly unable to troubleshoot in this regard.

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