Export InDesign file in IDML format

How to export an IDML file in InDesign CC or CS6

  1. Go to File > Save As.
  2. Choose ****InDesign Markup (IDML) as the type (Windows) or format (Mac OS)
  3. Click Save.

How to export an IDML file in InDesign CS5.5, CS5 or CS4

  1. Go to File > Export.
  2. Choose InDesign Markup (IDML) as the type (Windows) or format (Mac OS)
  3. Click Save.

Extract the segments for translation with Redokun

  1. Upload your document to Redokun in the IDML file format.
  2. Choose the source language and the target language.
  3. Translate your files using the Web Editor (CAT tool), or using the Export / Import of Phrases function.

IDML Upload limit

The upload limit is 100MB but IDML files are usually just a fraction of that.

If you have an IDML file that is bigger than the limit, the size is likely due to embedded images (images that are pasted directly into the InDesign file rather than placed as "linked images").

Our advice is to always link images rather than embed them so that the file becomes smaller and faster to save. That way, you can easily modify the images when they are on disk (eg. if you need to edit them in Photoshop).

Here is a link to a script that allows you to extract all the images to disk: http://www.kahrel.plus.com/indesign/unembed_images.html

In case you're unfamiliar with installing or running a script in InDesign, you can follow this guide: Installing an InDesign script.

Do you have lot of INDD files to convert to the IDML format? (Link)

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