Convert an XLIFF file to TMX

In this guide: Learn how you can convert an XLIFF file into a TMX file to import your Translation Memories.

💡 The TMX file format is a standard exchange format (much like XLIFF) used to transfer translation memories between different systems.

How to convert XLIFF to TMX

  1. Download Okapi from this link. Make sure you download the correct package for your computer architecture.
  2. Inside the package you’ll find an application called Rainbow.

  3. Launch Rainbow.

    ⚠️ To run Rainbow, you might be prompted to install Java.

  4. Drag & drop the XLIFF file you want to convert to TMX into Rainbow (you can add more than 1 file).

  5. Go to Utilities > Conversion Utilities > File format conversion and change the settings as shown in the screenshot.
    1. Check the box for Do not output entries without text
    2. Check the box for Output paths are the input paths plus the new format extension

  6. Click on "Execute”. The resulting TMX files will be saved in the same directory of the XLIFF file(s) used for the conversion.
  7. Now follow this guide to import the TMX file in Redokun.

Why convert XLIFF to TMX

By converting an XLIFF to TMX, you can import your past translations into Redokun as translation memories. You can use them to pre-translate a new document.

The process would look like this:

  1. Convert the XLIFF into TMX.
  2. Import the TMX file. Disable the options for "Clean translation units" and "Remove unnecessary characters" when uploading the TMX file to maximize the "matching rate" later.
  3. Next, upload your XLIFF file like you normally would to translate a document on Redokun.
  4. Add a target language for the file, then run pre-translation and select the first 2 checks ("100% Match with context" and "100% Match"). This will automatically fill out most of the translation boxes for each segment in your document.
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