Change the source language of a document

At the moment, there is no quick way to change the source language of a document. However, you can follow these steps to do it manually:

  1. Go to the Document Detail page.
  2. Download the segments of each language in an exchange file using the XLSX file format option (We shall call these Excel documents "Translation Excel files").
  3. Upload the original document as a new document, and set the correct source language.
  4. Add the target languages to the newly uploaded file.
  5. For each language, export the exchange file for translation. Make sure you select XLSX as a file format.
  6. For each XLSX file, paste into column C the translations you'll find in the Translation Excel files.
  7. Use these newly filled-up XLSX files to upload the translations of your new document.
    1. Go to the Document Detail page.
    2. Click on the up arrow to import the XLSX exchange file into Redokun.
  8. After each import, you'll be presented with a guided upload wizard.
  9. Once you've completed the import, Redokun will open the Web Editor.
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