Sharing and permissions

What can a translator do?

A translator can:

  • only access the documents that were shared with them.
  • translate documents using the Web Editor.
  • translate documents by exporting an exchange file.
  • pre-translate a document.

⚠️ A translator account cannot download translated documents or upload new documents.

What can a manager do?

In addition to what a translator can do, a manager can:

  • upload documents and revisions.
  • create, rename, or remove folders.
  • access the team's shared word balance.
  • download translated documents with retained formatting.
  • share their documents with the rest of the team.
  • share translation memories (TM) with the rest of the team.
  • download and upload translation memory (TM) files
  • manage all translators on the team.
  • view who is on the team.

⚠️ Documents and folders are shared with all managers.

What can the team owner do?

Usually, the team owner runs the account that is subscribed to a Redokun plan (the account you used to buy the plan).

The team owner will have all the features associated with a normal manager account. Additionally, they can also:

  • invite and remove members from the team.
  • change the name of the team.
  • change or upgrade the subscription.
  • access the audit log (if enabled for the plan).
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