Accept/Reject Changes in Track Changes

InDesign documents may contain suggested changes that a user need to accept or reject.

If these changes are not resolved before translation, it’s difficult for the translator to understand which text segments should be translated and how.

⚠️ When you upload a document to Redokun, the platform checks for any pending changes and, if there are, asks you to revise them.

Accept / Reject Changes

Follow these steps to accept/reject the changes in InDesign:

  1. Open the Track Changes Panel by going to Window > Editorial > Track Changes.
  2. Select the Text edit tool, and click on a text box as if you were editing the text in your document.
  3. Click on the top-right icon in the Track Changes panel (the icon showing 4 horizontal rows).
  4. Click on Accept/Reject All Changes > In This Document (as highlighted in the screenshot below).
  5. Finally, click also on Disable Tracking in All Stories in the same menu.

Remove InDesign Track Changes

For more information on the Track Changes Feature visit the official guide.
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