What should I do when a translator is not working on a translation job?

When you invite a translator to work on a document, Redokun sends an invitation to the translation via both email and inside the platform.

However, sometimes a translator may miss an email or forget to accept an invitation.

When this happens, you’ll see that Redokun marks the target language in yellow within the Document List and Document Detail pages.

⚠️ If the translator hasn’t accepted or hasn’t received the invitation, check this user guide to learn how to resend the invitation.

How to contact the translator?

There are several ways to communicate live and asynchronously with your teammates within Redokun. Our collaboration tools help you cut down on in-person meetings, avoid emails, equip remote teammates with info around the clock, focus on the issue with context, and meet deadlines.

  • Brief, notes and instructions (1): Who translates the content? Who reviews it? What are the steps to complete the project? Use this section to give general indications to the team.
  • Translation block comments (2): Not sure about a translation? Do you need to discuss terminology? You can leave a comment next to the translation and ask for help.
  • Mentions: When you want to get another person to look at something, you can mention them anywhere inside the comments.

You can read this user guide to learn how to use these tools.

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