What should I do if a translator has not received or accepted my invitation?

When you invite a translator to work on a document, Redokun sends an invitation to the translation via both email and inside the platform.

However, sometimes a translator may miss an email or forget to accept an invitation.

When this happens, you’ll see that Redokun marks the target language in yellow within the Document List and Document Detail pages.

⚠️ If a translator has accepted the invitation but hasn’t started working on the language yet, check this user guide to learn how to reach out to them.

How to send a new invitation to the translator?

If you want to send a new invitation to the translator, you need to remove the translator from the translation task, and add them in again. To do so:

  1. Go to the Document Detail page.
  2. Click on the "Change translator" icon for the affected target language.
  3. Change an assigned translator
  4. Remove the user from the assigned translators list (you can select “me” if there is no other translator available for that target language).
  5. Click on the "Change translator" button to confirm.
  6. Click again on the "Change translator" icon for the affected target language.
  7. Assign the translator you removed in Step 3 once again.
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