Types of users

In this guide: Managers and translators are two important roles in any translation project. Learn the difference between these two types of users and what each can do.

There are two types of users in Redokun: translators and managers. Additionally, one manager can be the team owner (admin).

What can a translator do?

A translator can:

  • only access the documents that were shared with them.
  • translate documents using the Web Editor.
  • translate documents by exporting an exchange file.
  • pre-translate a document.

⚠️ A translator account cannot download translated documents or upload new documents.

What can a manager do?

In addition to what a translator can do, a manager can:

  • upload documents and revisions.
  • access the team's shared word balance.
  • share their documents with the rest of the team.
  • share translation memories with the rest of the team.
  • manage all translators on the team.
  • manage Glossaries and Glossary entries.
  • view who is on the team.
  • unlock translation tasks.

What can the team owner do?

Usually, the team owner runs the account that is subscribed to a Redokun plan (the account you used to buy the plan).

The team owner will have all the features associated with a normal manager account. Additionally, they can also:

  • invite and remove members from the team.
  • change the name of the team.
  • change or upgrade the subscription.
  • access the audit log (if enabled for the plan).
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