I uploaded a Revision and the translation should be 100% completed, but it's lower. Why?

When you upload a new Revision of a document, Redokun does not “blindly” add in the old translations. Instead, it analyses the context of each previously completed translation for changes.

In other words, if the text before and after a segment changes, Redokun will not automatically add the old translation of said segment.

However, you will be able to see the old translation as a suggestion inside the Web Editor.

This way, all segments that keep the same context will be translated automatically. The segments that were edited will be marked as “to be translated” so your team can quickly check if the old translations are still valid or should be revised.

⚠️ To translate those parts that were not filled up automatically, you can run the Pre-translate feature. Just make sure you select the second step (to detect and apply 100% matches).

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